Spinach Smoothie

I thought it’s going to be weird in taste! BUT it was NOT! It was my first time to try spinach smoothie. I picked some spinach leaves this morning and thought if experimenting it.

Ingredients: Spinach, 2 scoops,F1 powder from Herbalife, 200ml mixture of soymilk. This is now my other smoothie in ny weightloss menu.

What kind of smoothie you made today?


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Fresh Pick from Little Garden

“Little is not so little at all”

So pandemic is still going on and I’ve been hearing from news and social media that planting is becoming more trending, than usual. I guest, the pandemic has opened everyones creativities and back to what we supposed to do with our sorroundings because plant is food and it’s good to pick food from our own garden.

I’m not going through about pandemic today because the only thing I wanted to share about today is “picking fresh vegetable from my own little garden” ,at the back and side of our house.

I only picked and collected very few of flowers and ornaments. I picked those does not need high maintaince because I am not of a too much gardener type when it comes to flowers, don’t get me wrong I love flowers but I prefer those type that do not need so much care. I like to plant it,trim a little bit when its needed and water them.

I prefer more vegetable. I love to eat spinach a lots as well as sweet potato tops. My love, Tanner loves spinach too so this time I planted more spinach. I added three different types of sweet potato next to the spinach row. I love harvesting from my own garden than buying from the market. The taste is always better when it is fresh picked.

I usually cooked spinach with soup. Sometimes with pasta or pizza or omelet or with my #Herbalife shake or now smoothie.  I grew up eating spinach because my grandmother grow them and a variety of other vegetables and root crops and fruits as well.

What’s in your garden?

Have a nice day! Thanks for stopping by🙏❤🌺

Sunrise and Tea

Hello world! Hello tea lovers!

I always feel the happiest when I can wake up very early in the morning, like literally before sunrise…because I like the feeling of waiting for the sunrise, I like how it’s like saying “Hello world”, “hello Amy, good morning” because when that happened my mind is convinced that it’s gonna be a good day. It will always be a beautiful day if you start it that way and start your thought that way. The tea is always the best pal for my sunrise moment.

I organized a little bit of the sideyard of our house, placed set of bamboo table and chair and its my and my love(Tanner) tea or coffee area outside. I love outdoor so much. I was raised in the mountain and I am forever be a mountain girl and never let go of outdoor thing.

Everytime I do things outside the house, it always brings me back to my happy childhood memories with my wonderful grandmother. She was my hero for everything who I am now and of course I owe my life to my dear mother. But there was certain reasons why I was left and raised by my grandmother long time ago. 

She bring me all the time whatever she do in the farm and I grow up lovin the sun so much because most her life she spend it in the farm and exposed int he sun daily. I know I was like a little crazy kid before, I also tried to talked to the sun till I was 2nd grade hahaha and I did waited for that years to the sun to talk back to me haha. Oh those days!❤

Cheers to all sun and tea lovers!❤🌺

Short Tea Story. My Start!

This is an instant “low-calorie” tea powder mix blends green tea extract, orange pekoe extract, lemon peel extract, cardamon seed extract, hibiscus flower and malva sylvestris extract. BENEFITS It helps burn fats even without exercising. It enhances metabolism and literally boost your energy. It can help improve blood circulation, an anti-oxidant, prevents blood sugar level, improves pH balance and really great for cardiovascular and in digestive health.

According to the main source herbal human nutrition experts spent four years of research to develop this product. It helps people loss weight and improves health as a whole.

PERSONAL TESTIMONY AND MY TEA STORY I been kicking to write a review about this tea. I am a full time mom of my two kids dealing long distance relationship with my husband who grinds for our daily living expenses and needs. As a mom of two all the work at home are all mine. I don’t have maid except my mother I call when I need to go somewhere very important but everyday all works at home is mine. One of my problem is I always feel sleepy. I used to kicked it with coffee. Truly coffee can help but my biggest problem with it is I feel too hyped and light headed.

Two months ago a newly met friend , Jazzie mentioned about Herbalife. We were talking about how to loss weight and other health problems and whatnot. She told me to visit the fitness center “Hybrid” which owned by the fitness coach couple Marie and Elle. I feel so welcomed in my first visit. They offer free evaluation and free body analysis so I dived in right away to avail their 10+1 days package of Formula1 Shake and Aloe.

My first week trial was very effective so I decided to purchased the weight loss management pack of Tea+ Aloe + Formula1 Cannister(shake powder) which lead me through 25% off of my next purchase. For real, from that day and now I can’t be without this tea. My function is even better now and I get all things done without feeling sleepy, draggy, tired or exhausted anymore. I loss 2 kilos in just two weeks. I also follow the free meal plan given by my fitness coach. As a mom it is very important to have an extra energy to complete all the task that we need to complete at the end of the day.

Besides wanting to burn that extra fat while just doing home chores, being able to feel alert and active is what really made me decide to sticked with this tea. I think I mentioned and blogged this aleady but I like to write this today as well.

It’s good to feel productive and positive all throughout the day with your favorite “positiviTEA”. I learned this word from my nutrition coach. Who gave us free guides more often.

And cheers! To my self and to my partner in life my love for the full support and to all mommies out there! I hope you were able to met and found your helpful and healthfull tea❤🌺

Banana Berry Baby

I am running out of other berries but the main berries I have is here all the time “Banana”. Yes! right, banana is a botanical berry (click pls).

Dived in cup of oats snd F1 powder with my favorite nuts. Meal prep complete!

There so many things I need to get done today besides being a mom and a cleaner in our house and all. Trying to get more productive and set some goal for today. I’m just tryn to educate myself a little bit more like reading 2 pages from each book on that table. I am not a reader to be honest but forcing myself to do helps me a lots so here I go and am getting old and tryng to be moe mature and educating myself a little more, more than I did when I was in the school feels like a make up for myself. I did missed a lots but I replaced that with lots of travel so its a vice versa and both are fine to happened. Life is fine! Cheers!

I like how fullfilling F1 powder…. it said it has 24 nutrients and minerals and it actually works on me and most favorite so far is that “French Vanilla” flavor. I prefer this flavor because I can adjust and add any fruit with it and the taste is flawless so love it. Will be sharing my meal plan separately. I do approved this meal replacement powder for one or two of my meal because it literally and effectively a hunger stopper. I know I am making that word up but I think its understandable hahaha.

Yes I achieved my additonal goal for today. How about you, were you able to achieve it too? This is one of the best thing to do I think wether pandemic or not.

Have a nice day mommies❤🌺

Breakfast Bowl with F1 from Herbalife

I ran out of berries after this berry nutty bowl with F1 powder (Herbalife) Cup of oats, 2 scoops of F1 and added dried berries – goji berries, blackberries, cherries and two favorite nuts- walnuts and almond babies❤

This easy prep breakfast was not my usual meal in the morning, it was like one day I became inspired after the result of my weightloss journey then I added more color on my meals and this is not a bad idea at all. I prepare my morning meal like this with F1 and “shake” with F1 at dinner. The lunch is the only most regular meal that either I eat 1 cup of rice together with cup of vegetable and fish and or replaced rice too sweet potato, corn or regular potato and or Taro or saba. It depends in what I got from the market but the breakfast and the dinner is where I put my Herbalife lifestyle to maintain my weight. I am able to maintain 45kilos from March this year from 51kilos last year.

Yes, all of us mommies has the same problem when it comes to weightloss and I am one of thise who were able to finally get that discipline and it’s good to have that confident although right now I am not in my best shape I want but I am very happy with my shape today.

What’s in your bowl today?

“Herbalife Tea”

Every morning is new. New day, new start, it might be same plan or same goal but it’s always new every day.

That new energy every after cup of tea every morning is such a brand new feeling knowing I can finished my task as stay at home mother at every end of the day without feeling drained physically.

I am so glad I met this tea last year. I had some new favorite ones but this specific tea from Herbalife was my perfect mate in the morning before I start everything and this one made me changed from being coffee to those usual teas because this is a fat burner, energy booster and an anti-oxidant which most women looking for. It works perfectly for me. It’s so nice to have 3 things you need in one cup, less effort and time savvy.

I was highly motivated to try because our nutrion coach “Maam Marilou” was very inspiring. I believe that it is a good signal to use a product when you can see a good example or a transparent result from someone right in front of you. Truely this tea is a true help. Many said it is expensive but for the result…you pay for what you get.

I still love coffee, only occasionally when I don’t have to do a lot of things because I usually have palpitations when I drink coffee so I have to slow my self down. This tea doesn’t give me any weird feeling so I go for it and so far this is my favorite!

I like the other Herbalife products, I like that they are all plant based and Herbalife has 5 star rate from me. I tried their shake as well which I may blog about on my next blog the next time I can get a chance to write.

My weightloss was successfull! And I love Herbalife tea❤🌺

I am slowly sharing some healthy ways for my weightloss journey on my IG @troppikanna

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Province Life is Love Opinion


Minority cares, majority are curious. Province is love and life for me. I often asked why I stayed here and many are negative about raising my children far away from the big city

Their questions sometimes are quiet insulting if I take it that way but they make me laugh I couldn’t believe these people/fake friends went far already but collected nothing but negativity with their mindsets.

First of all I care about “happiness” and positive or good attitude, second I think it’s wiser to live where you can stretch your budget, plant and pick your own vegetables and fruits, raise your own livestocks where you could get fresh meat, get fresh fishes and seaweeds or seashells,  enjoy wide view of sunrise or sunset and enjoy the fresh air and more…without digging so much from your savings.

Sharing my beautiful childhood to our children is one of the greatest plan achieved 7 years ago. My children can’t chase unilimited butterflies,dragonflies,grasshoppers in the city or love trees or nature as a whole. I believe that the more beautiful childhood memories you have the happier you can be. So this is all that me and my love hope for our children and the rest is all up to them. Attitude is all!

I have so many reasons and answers of the why’s of living  province life  but I think I said enough. Province is so rich of everything.  THE GRASS IS NOT REALLY GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE IF YOU KEEP AN EYE WHAT’S AROUND YOU AND FOCUS ON IT AND MAKE USE OF IT AND TAKE CARE OF IT and for the other things, they  need no rush. Every thing has their own kind of timing and we can work on it at one step at a time kind of way. We focus on what’s more important. When you put a “thank you” on your plate and kindness on everything and to everyone you’ll be happier.

Truly patience is a virtue. Lets keep the positive vibe. Thats the only spirit that will keep us strong and keep us going. Salud my love for each and everything. Truly God is good! I cheers to my other half.

What’s in my Plate Monday

Plate#1 #fishsoup #vegetablesoup

I inherit cooking this from my grandma. Lunch should not be complete without having soup. Home cook is always the best! Kids love it. I add spinach and swamp cabbage leaves into my fish soup. The smells that always brings my childhood. Oh how I love all the food my grandma cooks. Simple,delicious and nutritious.

Plate#2 #ginisangkangkong

I inherit cooking this from my Mama. She does most cookings using oil. I remember when I was 4th grade we always have this for our dinner. It so simple you just throw garlic then onions in an oil then the hanging (swamp cabbage) and you can add any leafy veggies if you want like I add spinach with it then finally soy sauce and done. Best pair with rice.

Final Plate

Dished out the rice and in you go on the plate then put them together and I won’t start eating without adding some kimchee ,pickled papaya that is sweet and sour taste like. I love that “fireworks” kind of taste. All together in one. What a party in my mouth.

Happy Lunch. Happy Tummy. Happy Monday!

Blood Type Diet

Good morning! I did not know about this until I started my weight loss program. I used to complain without researching or going to an expert on why I always had skin allergies. So I was given a “free meal plan” for my diet based on what type of blood I have from my “free body analysis” given by coach Marie. The biggest “NO” to my meal plan is the “chicken”(chicken, chicken, chicken), one of my most favorite food that I have to “give up”. Then the challenge for my self begun. Episode 1 was ” chicken vs me”. It was very hard for me. In my 2-3 weeks routine of my meal blood type diet, I experienced the sadness of not being able to eat the food that I “want” and always wanted to eat. I thought I only saw it on tv. But now, its a real-time show off screen-for real, for real! Currently I am one and a half month journey in my blood type diet. I am slowly getting used to eating “one cup of rice” instead of three to four cups each meal. This blood type diet is working. I don’t get skin allergies anymore, from my face which I thought was only from breakouts and down to my legs. Let me share with you the “blood type diet” chart. Photo credit from Google.

What else we need to know about the “blood type diet”?According to the “Healthline”:

The concept of blood type diets was originally put forth by the naturopathic physician Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo in his book, “Eat Right 4 Your Type.” He claims that different blood types evolved at various points in our genetic history and that your blood type should determine what you eat and how you exercise.

Blood type diets are a system of eating which categorizes foods as beneficial, neutral, or harmful. It’s based on a person’s blood type and other factors.

D’Adamo claims foods harmful to your blood type cause an agglutination reaction. This makes blood cells stick together, increasing the risk of

Eating foods based on your blood type:

The blood type diet requires a regimen called compliance. This refers to eating “beneficial.” Beneficials are chosen for each blood type, based upon the lectins, or molecules, which the food contains.

On this diet, people are defined as being “secretors” or “nonsecretors.” These terms refer to an individual’s ability to secrete blood type antigens into bodily fluids. What you eat is partly based upon your secretor status. This is why the diet is known as an individualized plan.


-If you want a personal coach to help and guide you with your blood type diet don’t hesitate to message or email or comment below for any additional or helpful information. Our coaches will assist your body analysis and will give you your proper meal plan base on your blood type. If your diet is not working maybe it’s not your type.